80th Anniversary of the Great East Asia War

80th Anniversary of the ‘Great Wast Asia War’
80th Anniversary of the ‘Great Wast Asia War’

On December 8th a wreath-laying ceremony will be held at the Heroes’ Monument and a merit-making ceremony dedicated to the heroes will be presided over by the Royal Air Force Commander. Wing 5 invites famous artists and actors to take part in events commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Great East Asia War and will arrange a garrison to stand to pay tribute to the bravery of the Thai heroes involved in the historical events of December 8th, 1941.

The heroes fought for 33 hours continuously with Japanese soldiers and the garrison will begin at 03.00, which is the approximate time of the start of the fight, and will continue to be stationed until noon on December 9th, the approximate time of the armistice agreement of the two nations. As for the activities to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the ‘Great East Asia War’, (Pacific War as it is better known in the West), they will be carried out to comply with Covid safety requirements. Consisting of a logo design contest, war era aircraft model contest, and war era photo contest, then there is historical settlement activity, and the making of a commemorative book.

There will an exhibition of the War in virtual form, production of a music video for the tribute to the heroes, along with activities for Thai youth to learn Thai history in which more than 3,000 youths will join. There will be a history quiz for them to win a scholarship along with a plaque of honour from the Air Force Commander. And the highlight will be the Royal Thai Army Triathlon. Sales of merchandise will be restricted but between December 9th-12th, Wing 5 has organised exhibition activities, movies, historical documentaries, and activities to honour the monarchy.

There is no fee to enter the museum. On December 5th, there will be an opening ceremony for Hero Run 2021 activities: Virtual Run requires the accumulation of running distances from December 5th-25th, requiring a running distance of 80 kms, those who run the specified distance within the period will receive a “Finisher” shirt as a reward. You can track activity details on the Facebook Fan Page “กองบิน 5 อ่าวมะนาว (Wing 5 Ao Manao)”.

The Royal Thai Army Triathlon On December 19th over 100 competitors will participate in the triathlon event, it is considered a field test to enhance Wing 5’s Triathlon Stadium to international standards and to support international triathlon competitions to visit the stadium in the future. You can watch a live broadcast on the day from 14.00- 16.00 via the Thai PBS television station.