Big Tree Plant, 12th August 2013, Thai Mother’s Day!

On 12th August, 2013, a Big Tree Plant is being organised. The fundraising goal for this event is 150,000 Thai Baht – $5,000 USD, which will be used to improve the irrigation system for the trees which have already been planted. The organisation of this project is being managed by the Family Tree, Hua Hin which helped initiate the project in partnerships with a network of Buddhist Monks and laypeople.

It is necessary to organise irrigation because during the first 3-5 years of the trees’ lives they are still vulnerable to very hot and dry weather in the summer season. During the first 2 years, the community members have been carrying water up the hill. An irrigation pump will save time and allow more work to get done, quicker.

Since 2010, the Greener Tomorrow team has been planting trees in Buddhist temple grounds in North-east Thailand, helping to realize a greener and healthier planet, as well as to create peaceful spaces for contemplation and meditation.  The trees are all native to Thailand and include fruit varieties.

Currently, over 40,000 trees have been planted, towards a goal of 84,000 trees. More than 90% of the trees which have been planted are alive and growing well.

In Thailand, planting on sacred ground is a highly effective way of protecting forest. In fact, performing Buddhist ordination ceremonies for trees and areas of forest is a common cultural practice and a successful way of protecting trees in Thailand.

You are invited to join in this celebration!

Transport will be leaving Hua Hin on 9th August and returning on 12th August.  This will be a true Thai cultural experience with stops on the way at ‘unseen’ attractions including water falls, temples and culinary delights.  Accommodation will be at the dormitories on site at the tree planting grounds.

Sponsorship is also welcomed and always assists to ‘fast track’ the progress of the project.

For more Information see: http://www.greener-tomorrow.org