An Affordable Massage Alternative – Chiang Kham Massage & Spa


Recently we tested a more affordable massage alternative in town at a place called Chiang Kham Massage & Spa. They are located opposite Heaven’s kitchen on Chomsin Road close to the Fishing pier.
The wonderfully friendly staff at the spa decided on two treatments for me; foot spa @THB 200 (I am not sure if they looked at my feet and decided I needed it..) and hot stone body massage @THB 500 one hour.
I was not really sure what the foot spa was all about but I thinking about some sort of horrible skin scraping that could possibly hurt. How wrong I was, the foot spa consisted of foot cleaning and after that a special skin exfoliating cream was painted onto my feet then sealed with cotton wool and then you soak your feet.
Not painful at all but very relaxing. After the emulation has some time to permeate the dead skin, my feet were dried off and some very gentle scraping with pumice removed it all. Note I said all your dead skin, because I think the last time my feet were this soft I was a baby. I was amazed how they managed to make my feet look nice. I could imagine putting on nice strappy heels. This treatment is highly recommended and very affordable if you want your feet and heels to look nice for the warm season.
Next came the one hour hot stone body massage. The owner of Chiang Kham was nice enough to ask me how well I could tolerate heat. Because I am one of those people-pleasers who will say ‘OK’ whilst thinking they’ll burn holes in my back, I said I would be OK with anything.
As usual my very over active brain was imaging things. The stones were very hot but instead of laying them on my back, they used the stones to massage. They remained in constant motion, although I am not sure how the poor masseuse managed to hold onto them. The stones are round with no rough edges. The massage was great for my back that is often in pain from excessive computer use. This massage is an ideal way to relax muscles, the warm stones also increase blood flow.
I have to say that towards the end I started dozing off. To me this is always the sign of a good massage. After the massage my back was pain free and I felt relaxed.
The Chiang Kham Massage does many types of massage; everything from Traditional Massage, Foot Massage, Oil massage as well as facials, body scrubs, pedicures and so on.
For great service at great prices at a good location visit Chan Kham.
Address 163/ Chomsin Road, Soi 55 (Opposite Heaven’s Kitchen) Hua Hin