Air Asia Aims to Commence Hua Hin – Kuala Lumpur Flights

Air Asia Aims to Commence Hua Hin - Kuala Lumpur Flights
Air Asia Aims to Commence Hua Hin - Kuala Lumpur Flights

The airports authority (AO) has received a proposal from Air Asia to operate daily flights between Hua Hin and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After few recent developments on the prospect of Hua Hin becoming a direct international destination, local tourism operators are hoping that will soon change. If the proposal is given green light it will mean commercial use of the airport that is just a handful of kilometres from the city centre and could be a major boon for tourism. Mr. Duntoon Sangcham, Director General of the Airport Department said that Air Asia want landing fees and rental charges for airport facilities waived in the initial stages of operation to get the route started. If agreed by the AO and related agencies, the first international flights could be coming to the resort by the end of 2017. A decision on the Air Asia proposal is expected to be made at in early August. Darun said that Hua Hin airport is already ready for business with no more building necessary to make it operational for commercial flights.

“The airport can handle 300 passengers per hour,” he said. “The proximity to the town is a major bonus for travelers”. He said that some matters will need to be sorted; top of the list are the need for immigration and customs facilities as flights to KL are international. And discussions need to take place as to exactly what transport  arrangements are put in place to ferry passengers from the airport to local destinations.

Air Asia launched its no-frills operation from Kuala Lumpur’s main airport (KLIA) in early 2002. Just 13 years later, the airline overtook Malaysia Airlines as the biggest carrier (in terms of weekly seats) at Malaysia’s busiest airport. Commercial flights from KL could open up the city to tourism directly from Malaysia as well as make Hua Hin a stepping off point for travelers heading south. Source: