Anantarak to Internationalise Nursing Courses


Anantarak HH school 2

Anantarak Health Training School will provide students more new nursing courses with international standards over the next seven years.

The School Manager and owner Ms. Pornrawee Seeleungsawad, commented that Anantarak has just celebrated its 7th anniversary and has been very successful in producing highly qualified graduates of child and elderly health care. Many of them are now working at hotels, guesthouses, private companies, medical centres and elderly care centres.

The school now offers two main courses for child care and nursing of elder citizens. All Courses are taught by qualified nursing teachers and typically are over 840 hours or 6 months in total. On competition students receive a diploma and are able to work as nursing assistants at hospitals, public health and medical centres.

“Our courses are carefully designed in terms of theory and practice. All teachers and trainers have a strong practical knowledge of nursing , equivalent to trainers in other countries. We also provide our students with basic English communication. Throughout the courses, the teachers continuously address the technical terms used in medical sciences so that the students don’t forget them,” said Ms. Pornrawee. “We’re confident that our graduates are equipped with all the necessary academic and professional qualities.”

According to the owner of the school, the basic salary for nursing assistants in Thailand is 15,000 Baht. However, working outside the ccountry they can earn as high as 50,000 Baht.

Anantarak also provides nursing staff to take care of individuals at home. Any Thais or foreigners in Hua Hin who would like to use the service can contact the school directly by telephone at 032 514 100. This contact number can also be used by people interested in attending a Course at the school.