App use, corrupt officials and direct line report to PM added to emergency decree – Government Gazette

The icon of anti-corruption. (Image: Daily News)

The public or any concerned citizen now has the right to report online the actions of corrupted authorities following yesterday’s announcement of the Government Gazette in their website relating to additional significant changes to the emergency decree declared since March last year.

The move means that it is likely rising that corrupt officials could see jail time under the emergency decree as a primary punishment.

The changes specifically refer to the necessity of the public having the tracing apps and refer to corrupt officials regarding gambling and migrant issues in relation to the pandemic crisis. There is also the establishment of a direct line report to the PM of the crooked authorities.

The emergency decree came in during the height of the first wave of the pandemic. Now it has been decided to add sections after the latest development in the devastating second wave that has been sweeping Thailand.

The public should (necessarily) have the Mor Chana and Thai Chana applications on their phones.

Despite the government’s reconsideration in saying that people would be prosecuted for not having the apps, their inclusion in the emergency decree legislation now means any possible penalties would be much more severe, notes Thaivisa.

The changes also give authorities the power in setting up checkpoints in the provinces and in Bangkok.

In addition, jail time awaits corrupt officials in the movement of migrants and dereliction of duty in relation to illegal gambling dens.

This comes in the wake of a large number of cases of corrupt officials and gangs being involved in the movement of migrants contributing harmfully to the spread of Covid-19.

Reports of large numbers of police both in Bangkok and the provinces are under investigation for allowing illegal gambling dens to operate vigorously right under their noses — which has been an activity quietly tolerated for so long and now seen as one of the main sources in the spike of Covid cases through people gambling in crowded shacks.

The Government Gazette announcement paves the way for stern disciplinary actions and criminal prosecutions under the emergency decree.

This could see corrupt officials no longer being transferred or just given a slap on the wrist but potentially will be serving time for their crimes.

Sources: Thaivisa NEWS | Daily News