AstraZeneca Can Supply 5-6 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Monthly to Thailand


BANGKOK (NNT) – AstraZeneca has assured Thai people that it can supply 5-6 million doses a month of its COVID-19 vaccine to the country as planned, despite the complicated production process.

Managing director of AstraZeneca Thailand James Teague explained that the AstraZeneca vaccine is a biological product which starts with the growing of “living” ingredients. The manufacturing process is complicated. The number of doses in each harvested batch is never completely certain, especially in the early stages of a new supply chain.

He said, even in that context, the company’s projections show that, in months with uninterrupted manufacturing, it can supply 5-6 million doses in Thailand, adding that the company is also scouring the 20-plus supply chains in its worldwide manufacturing network to find additional vaccine doses for Southeast Asia, including Thailand.

According to Mr Teague, by the end of July, AstraZeneca will have delivered 11.3 million doses as part of its overall commitment to deliver 61 million doses to Thailand.

So far, the company has delivered nine million doses, with another 2.3 million doses to be supplied to the Ministry of Public Health this week.