The recent First Event of the newly renovated Atlantis Club was a ‘happening thing’ with over 300 party goers.  This Event was on Saturday 20th July and organised by Bangkok Entertainment.  The Summer Kiss theme was embraced by all, perhaps even when the party was over? To get everyone into the swing, a bottle of Smirnoff was a party gift for each group of five.  The ladies on staff were also ready to party dressed in seductive red.

All the ladies at the party were invited to apply their lipstick then place their most voluptuous smooch onto a whiteboard.  When the gallery of kisses was complete the next stage was for all the guys to judge which kiss was the most appealing.  Not an easy task but there was a winner received a pearl necklace, followed by some lipstick for the runner up!

Additional entertainment for the night was provided top DJs accompanied by a saxophone player.  The dancing went on well into the night.

The management has big plans for the future and Atlantis seems destined to become an entertainment centre for Hua Hin and more than just another bar.  Perhaps something akin to a modern European entertainment venue and Club.

We are told that Events; or perhaps we should say parties, are planned to be held on a monthly basis.  We are told that the next Party will be on August 17th as a HIGH SECURITY PARTY.  This means a show with ladies in uniforms and we are promised some more ‘high jinx’; games with security in mind.  Perhaps something to do with handcuffs or bondage, but who knows?  What is guaranteed is a great night of fun and entertainment.  So mark this date in your ‘party diary now and don’t feel insecure!

Where to Go?

Atlantis Club is located close to Silakam Road (number 41); look for the large black and white sign.