Baan 7 Restaurant



We have meant to recommend this place for some time as most of our office staff use this as a breakfast, lunch and takeaway place. The food is great, the prices very reasonable and the service is fantastic.  Our special favorite is the lady that cooks the food.

The restaurant serves western breakfast with great latte! There are also local favorites such as pad thai, pork with basil, fried pork with fried rice and spicy sauce.  The western goodies include spaghetti, steak and smoothies. We mostly stick with the local favorites for their low cost and yummy portions.

This is a great place to eat.  If you are learning Thai, the cook speaks great English but loves to help out with your Thai prounouncation. This place can very become a favorite morning hangout.  Be warned, it’s addictive!

Please note closing time is 5pm.

Address: 7 Naresdamri Road (Opposite Cool Breeze)

Tel No: 032 530 636