Bangkok bids for highest road deaths during the holidays


The death toll for Thailand after the first 5 days of the 7-day road safety campaign was up to 256 out of 2,529 road incidents. This includes 12 road deaths in Bangkok.

The figures were gathered from the Directorate Centre to Prevent and Reduce Road Accidents.

Statistics recorded that 42 people died on New Year’s Eve and 567 others were injured, bringing the total number of injured for the 1st five days to 2,588.

Drunk-driving ranks in to a 32.3% of the accidents, followed by 29.5% due to over-speeding. An astounding figure of 81% involved motorcycles — up from the usual average of 72-75%.

From yesterday afternoon the traffic starts to build as people made their way back to the city and their homes causing congestion along major highways.

Transport Companies estimated about 130,000 holiday-makers returned to Bangkok on public transportations since last night. Companies had to increase their number of transport services until January 3, from 2,118 trips per day to 7,604 to accommodate the increased flow of passengers.

WRITER: Hua Hin Today
Source: Thai PBS World 
Photo: Bangkok Post