The wonderful and efficient marketing people at Hyatt Regency invited me and the newspaper team to review the Spa at the beautiful The Barai.

I am not even going to attempt to describe the impressive size of this place or all the details that result in its appearance, but I do have to say this place is amazingly beautiful. It has been built to cater to all your 5 senses;-Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch.  The goal of the journey is to bring peace and tranquility to the guest of the Barai.

Designed by the famous Thai architect, Lek Bunnag and named after large man-made water reservoirs (the Barays), somebody has put a lot of thought into the design and how this place would be experience.  It is hard to separate the design, service and treatment; they go hand in hand.  However it would be a disservice not to try to describe how it impacts on you visually although I would need a thesis length story to do it justice.

Entering the Barai starts with very long entrance hallway that is dark with light trickling in, tricking your mind to take slow steps and to generally slow down.  The entrance leads to an empty Marrocen style (in my mind) courtyard with earth red walls and a humongous water feature with the sky as the ceiling. You can’t get any more WOW than that, trust me. From the courtyard hidden gateways lead you to sand covered passage ways leading to the treatment areas and changing rooms.

Even the passageways are stunning, it’s just not fair!  The treatment rooms are equally well thought out with ceiling portholes in star shapes, beautiful personal shower and a relaxing are courtyard (again open to the elements).   I am not ashamed to admit that I showered in the open area in my own fantasy courtyard completely buck naked because I could and I would do it again in a heartbeat (please do not try imagine this!).

On top of this, located in the Tranquility Court of the Spa there is a private swimming pool with a view of the sea and the changing rooms. I loved it that at The Barai you may come in hours early for your treatment to enjoy their changing rooms (lovelyyy…).  The recreation area boasts a Sauna, Steam Room and Relaxation room.   The Sauna and Steam room did it for me, releasing any toxins and leaving you as fresh as the day you were born.   They could have sent me off packing at this point and I would have been really happy.

All the above and I haven’t even mentioned the treatment yet.  I had a Hyatt signature mini facial and body treatment by JUNE JACOBS.  June Jacobs Spa Collection has specially designed facials and body treatments exclusively for Hyatt spas. The treatment conditions and hydrates the body and counteracts the signs of aging. The treatment starts with an exfoliation, a Papaya Enzyme massage, a wrap, followed by a refreshing Lemon Sugar Body Polish and finished off with an age-defying body emulsion; leaving your body soft as silk and well moisturised.

The entire treatment was gentle and relaxing and I snoozed through it. Whilst the body treatment was happening a mini facial was given, again with June Jacobs products. My therapist was discreet (even while I was I was on the loose, naked in the courtyard), courteous and very knowledgeable about the treatments.  Did I mention that I choose my own music for the treatment?  I went for the latest chill-out music but there is much to choose from.

The treatment left my skin on face and my body refreshed, looking brand new and seriously hydrated. June Jacobs products are really gentle and great for the skin.

Once I finished my treatment I got a sneak peak at The Barai Suites (one of eight) adjacent to the Barai.  They are designed for an exclusive stay and a private spa indulgence.  The rooms are stunning and located right by the sea and have the most amazing bathrooms I have seen. The girls from marketing took me for a quick high tea at McFarland House. The building was built in 19th century, has been restored and transformed into an elegant and breezy casual bar and dining area, offering setting with 180 degree views of the Gulf of Thailand.  How did the High tea go? I ate everything I could lay my hands on as usual including other people’s food. The location is beautiful and located as close to the ocean you can be without getting wet. And the food was yum.

Do note that The Barai has recently introduced complimentary round trip transfers, exclusively offered to THE BARAI Spa guests residing within the Hua Hin area.

So to wrap up this Spa review (heavy on the architecture I know) The Barai,… a definite thumbs up, treatment –Thumbs up, staff-Thumbs up and of course highly recommended!

The Barai

Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

Tel:  03 252 1234