Hua Hin might be a relaxed City perfect for relaxation and indulging in fine food, but enough is enough. Now is the time to put all the excuses away and start exercising. If you are procrastinating like us about exercise or maybe a slightly more motivated person that is clueless about where to find activities here is a list to get your body and mind moving. The upside of getting a move on is reduction in weight, improving your overall health and of course improving your mental mood. To help you  (and us),  we at Hua Hin Today decided to provide a list of as many options we could find of activities to get your blood rushing, improving health, get adrenaline pumping a little bit or just to try something different in your free time. If we have failed to list something important feel free to Email us at, we appreciate your feedback.

The Thai Way of Eating: Why are Thai’s are usually so skinny when they eat all the time? (why? why?)

These are the reason I have heard that are contributing factors to why Thai’s tend to be on the leaner side.

* They have good genes * Hot weather curbs appetite (…not mine) *  Thai’s savour their food, eating slowly and normally drinking first (thus filling their stomach) *  They also share their meals, so over indulgence is not polite*  * Eating to excess is not looked upon favourably, so moderation is the key  *  Food wastage is frowned up on, so they take only what is intended to eat * Apparently spicy food forces you to slow down your eating thus improving your digestion (really?) * Thais also love their protein but it is not the main part of the meal. The bulk consists of vegetables and grains such as rice, resulting in healthier eating * Thai’s are not much for eating Western fast food but enjoy snacking on fruits, nuts and various satay options in “small” portions throughout the day * Eating regular small meals tends to speed up metabolism and that is very common here*  PLUS desserts tend to be small sized and healthier than our Western options, for example mango sticky rice, the sticky rice is not exactly healthy but the Mango is good for you .

We can’t change my genes but I certainly will try to adopt some of the eating habits of my new home country. The word is when can try, no one is perfect.   



@Lectic Gym

The Number One professional gymnasium in Hua Hin. They have facilities for serious weightlifting with over 45 machines.   Amongst others they have Spin, Step, Yoga and Zumba classes. They have very complete facilities and personal trainers. There is dedicated parking and they have a spa on-site. If you are serious about getting fit this should fit the bill for you.

Rates: Daily, Monthly and yearly rates available

Opening hours: Every day
Tel:  032 526 23 2
Location: Soi 88 (Behind Power By), Hua Hin


Hua Hin Sport Villa

Hua Hin Sport Villa is an apartment complex with gyms and a pool that can be used by outsiders for a daily rate. They have a great range of machines from aerobic equipment, such as running machines and cycles all the way to heavy duty weights equipment. They also have a big pool that is mostly unused in the mornings.

Rates: 80 THB per use
Opening hours: Every day
Tel:   032 511-453
Location: 10/95 Phetkasem Road, Hua Hin


Hua Hin Fitness & Spa

This facility has a large selection of toning & exercising machines and the staff can offer advice on how to achieve your fitness goals.

Rates: Daily, Monthly and yearly with great group savings

Opening hours: Every day

Tel:   087 8063419

Location: Soi 94, Hua Hin


Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

A beautiful spa on the second floor of the Hilton with all the mod cons in a beautiful 5 star atmosphere.

Rates: 500THB per day (for non hotel guests)

Opening Hours: 24hours

Tel:  032-538-999

Dusit Thani Hua Hin

This Resort has a top notch gym and even a horse riding track area.  There is also a Sauna and Table tennis facilities.

Rates: 600THB per day (for non hotel guests)

Opening Hours: 6am-9pm

Tel: 032 520 009

Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort

Their fully-equipped fitness centre features the latest cardiovascular machines as well as resistance equipment and free weights. The daily fee includes use of the swimming pool, welcome mocktails and a personal locker.

Rates: 3,000THB per day (for non hotel guests)

Operating hours: 9am-7pm

Tel: 032-61-6999

              Palm Hills Golf & Residence

Palm Hills exclusive sports club provides modern recreational amenities including a unique curved swimming pool, tennis courts, indoor badminton and squash courts, table tennis, snooker, fitness, sauna and a private locker.

Rates: 100THB per day

Operating: 7am-7pm

Tel:  032-520-801-5


Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

Hyatt Regency’s Club Olympus Health and Fitness Centre overlooks lush tropical gardens and the Regency Club swimming pool, Club Olympus has fitness bicycles, treadmills, and cross-trainers as well as a range of free weights.  Alternatively enjoy the steam room or the outdoor flood-lit tennis court.

Rates: 500THB per day include Stream room and use of swimming pool.

Operating hours: 9am-6pm

Call: 032-521234

Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

The stunning Sheraton Hua Hin features a great gym with all the mood cons to get a  proper work out.

Rates: 400THB per day price includes use Stream room, swimming pool and Sauna

Operating Hours: 24 Hours

More information call 032-708000

Amari Hua Hin

The Amari provides a gymnasium with a beautiful view and a great range of exercise equipment plus the use of the sensational swimming pool.

Rates: 300THB per day Include Swimming pool and one soft drink
Operating Hours: 6am-10pm
More information call 032-616600

Tavimook Sport Complex

This Sports Complex with offers Tennis, Squash, Badminton and a Gymnasium. This is truly a one stop shop for exercise Thai style.

Rates: 150THB per hour (Gym)

Operating Hours: 9am-9pm
More information call 032-522571
Location: 31/32 Petchkasem Road


Yoga Hua Hin

Yoga Hua Hin concentrates on Ashtanga Yoga, a 5,000 year old set sequence of postures designed to bring incredible strength, flexibility and endurance to the body and a sense of stillness to the mind. Yoga Hua Hin also have Pilates classes.

Rates: 300 THB Drop in Class, 1,500 THB Beginner Class (1 month) and 2,000 THB per 1 month unlimited classes.

Open: Every day
Tel: 083 1089300
Location: Between Soi 63/1 and 65, Hua Hin
More information at

Hyatt Regency Resort Hua Hin

Basic yoga
Operating Hours: Every day 8.30-9.30
Rates: 300++ Per Person (joined class) personal training are also available.
Tel: 032 521 234 (Club Olympus)

Evason Hua Hin & Six Senses Spa Hotel

Kundalini Yoga at Evason’s Red Earth Spa  . Khun Paramjot teaches these classes plus he can do one on one teaching for individuals.  (See an article in this issue on the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and Paramjot’s path to becoming a Kundalini devote).

Operating Hours:  Call to enquire
Rates: 550 THB Drop in Class (private classes available as well in Hua Hin)
Email for classes in Hua Hin with Paramjot: or call Evason Red Earth Spa at Tel: 03 261 8200

Issara Yoga

Lovely Khun Issara teaches Yoga upon request @ Neo Hair Salon smack middle of town.

Rates: Upon Request
Operating Hours: Upon Request
Tel: 0899383045

Address: Dechanucht road in the centre of town


Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Rates: 360THB per hour (Lessons for beginners and professionals available upon request)
Operating Hours: 6am-10pm
Tel: 032-538-999

Centara Grand Hotel

Rates: 300THB per hour
Operating Hours: 7am-6pm
Tel: 032-512021-38

Palm Hills Golf & Residence

Rates: 150THB per hour
Operating Hours: 7am-7pm
Tel: 032-520801-5/032-909340-5

Anantara Resort

Rates: 350THB per hour/ 700THB per hour after 6pm
Operating Hours: 7am-11pm
Tel: 032-520250

Tavimook Sport Complex

Rates: 180THB per hour/300THB per hour after 6pm
Operating Hours: 9am-9pm
Tel: 032-522571
See under Gyms for more details

Dusit Thani Hua Hin

Rates: 400THB per hour / 600THB after 6pm
Operating Hours: 6am-9pm
Tel:  032-520009

Hyatt Regency Hua HIn

Operating Hours: 9am-6pm
Rates: 300THB per hour
Tel: 032 521 234



19 Rai

Rates: 15THB per hour

Operating Hours: Every day 17.00-22.00
Tel:  Khun Ying 086 710 88 02
Location: Soi 19


Tavimook Sports Complex

8 courts inside and covered from the sun

Operating Hours: Everyday 9am-9pm
Rates: 150THB per hour
Tel: 032-522571
See under Gyms for more details


Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Rates: 360THB per hour

Operating Hours: 6am-10pm

Tel: 032-538-999


Dusit Thani Hua Hin

Rates: 400THB per hour

Operating Hours: 6am-9pm

Tel:  032-520009

Palm Hills Golf & Residence

Rates: 100THB per hour
Operating Hours: 7am-7pm
Tel:  032-520801-5/032-909340-5


Sitjapho Muay Thai

At the Sitjapho Muay Thai Camp all trainers are highly respected ex-stadium fighters and champions with vast experience. The gym has a strong reputation for quality training at an international and national level from beginners to world class Muay Thai fighters.

Rates: Has daily, weekly and monthly rates

Operating Hours:  Monday – Saturday 6:30am – 9:30pm & evening session 4:30 – 6:30pm
Tel: 0834451056

Location: Amphoer Hua Hin



Grand Thai Boxing Garden

Rates: Daily, Weekly and monthly rates

Operating hours: Call to enquire

Tel: 081 269 6746

Location: Opposite Grand Night Market


Palapon Holistic Fitness and Health Center

These guys provide the whole martial arts package.  This includes Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong as well as bodyweight fitness training and fitness holidays. We have a sweet spot for the owners of Palapon as they put in a lot of their time  into the Hua Hin community by helping troubled youngsters, some with drug problems. At Palapon you can take classes or move into their cottages and have a toatl overhaul. The owners are serious about fitness but also have a real soft spot for improving the world. Keep them in mind if you want a real boot camp experience.

Rates: Please enquire

Tel: 086-8039085

Opening Hours: Everyday

Location: Camp Palapon, 155/20 Soi Moo Baan Nong Kae, Hua Tanon, Hua Hin




Hua Hin Watersports

Provide Island Trips, Banana boat, waterskiing, night fishing and parasailing.

Rates: 1,000 THB/hour (include transportation)/ 600 THB/half hour (includes transportation)

Operating Hours: 08.00am.-05.00 pm.

Tel: 081-4411627 (Eng)

Location: Takieb Beach



Seefa Snorkeling Tour  (Squid Fishing)

Rate: 500 THB/person

Operating hours: 06.00 pm.-10.00 pm.

Tel:  086-1705690, 087-1651799, 032-699021

Location: Bang-sapan ,Prachuabkiri khan



Mermaid Cruises (Kayaking)

Enjoy the beauty of the local scenery with an Eco-River cruise plus canoeing trips into the mangroves. Canoeing is a serious way to pump up your arm muscles and walking through the mangroves gives you a nice work out too. The whole day trip finishes of with a leisurely trip up the river on a small boat when you can rest your arms and watch the wild life including the local lizards that can grow up to 3 metreslong.

Rates: Please enquire with Mermaid Cruises

Operating hours: Everyday

Tel: (0)84 8007400

Location: Mermaid Cruses staff can collect you from your hotel





The Koh Talu Island Resort offers trail dive and certified dives at reasonable rates on the beautiful Island of Koh Talu, only an hour and a half away from Hua Hin.

Rates:  Scuba diving (Trail dive) 2,500/person/Dive

Scuba diving (Certify dive)  2,000 THB /person/Dive

(Extra tank for scuba-dive is charged 500 THB for the same day trip)

(Next day scuba-dive is charged as same as the certify dive price)

Operating hours: 08.00 am-05.00pm.

Tel: 089-7445639, 089-9183715

Location: Bangsapannoi, Prachuabkirikhan



Torfun Homestay By the Sea  (Snorkeling)

If you are hankering for some snorkeling Torfun can arrange this at their beautiful Homestay.

Rates: Call to enquire

Operating Hours: 06.00am.-05.00pm.

Tel: 032-671476, 087-5327548

Location: Address: Tubsakae, Prachuabkirikhan



Seefa Snorkeling Tours

Seefa snorkeling arranges great snorkeling tours from the beautiful  Koh Talu island.

Rates: Monday-Friday  350 THB/ Saturday-Sunday  400 THB/ Public Holiday          450 THB

Operating Hours: 06.00am-10.00pm.

Tel: 032-699021 , 086-1705690

Location: 151/2 moo 2 bangsapan






Kite boarding Hua Hin


The largest kiteboarding school in Asia with 16 locations worldwide.  They are also only IKO certified and fully insured school in Thailand,

Price: lessons start of at 4,000 THB (2-3 hour)

Operating hours: 11.00 am.-06.00 pm.

Tel: 081-5914593

Address: Hua Hin soi  75/1 ,Hua Hin  (near beach café restaurant)


Kite Hua Hin (Kite Surfing)

Kite Hua Hin instructors provide kite surfing lessons everyday.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert rider they will accompany you for a great and unforgettable kite surfing session. They also sell kite surfing equipment.

Rate:  Call to enquire

Opening Hours: Every day

Tel: (0)88 230 0016

Location: Soi 71/1, Baan Rajdamnern Hotel,




Kite Surfing Pranburi/ Kite Zone

The kite Surfing school at Pranburi is Thailand’s Newest Kite surfing Spot, with 7 months of solid wind and 5 months of possible Thermals this is surely the windiest and most picturesque Kite surfing beach in the Hua Hin area. They are a fully accredited school and have a Kite shop and restaurant bar and resort accommodation on site.

Rates: 1 Hour discovery 1,500 THB/ 1 day (3 hours)  3,900 THB  (Semi Private)

Opening Hours: Call to enquire





Vic Hua Hin

Provides Dance classes for adults and children including acrobatic classes by the renowned Rajanikara Leng Kaewdee, the first Asian to receive a full scholarship to study at the prestigious National Circus School in Montreal.

Rates: Call to Enquire

Opening Hours: Call to enquire

Tel: 032-827-814, 032-827-815

Location: 62/70 Soi  Moobaan Huana, Hua Hin




Hua Hin Horse Club

Hua Hin Horse Club first of all treats their horses with love and care so that you know you are riding horses that are always well treated. They provide guided horse riding in and around Hua Hin. Formal lessons and training feature well-schooled ponies for beginners and experienced riders. A Children’s Club with a variety of courses is also available.
Rates: Upon request

Opening Hours: Call to set up appointment

Tel: 0893781266

Location: 5 Baan Hua Don, Takiab, Nongkae

Facebook: Hua Hin Horse Club

Fear not if you want to start it slow with no budget as there are plenty options to choose from and for free and anytime. For example Running, walking, gardening, dancing (preferably not alone), bicycling (can be rented by the hour or day at most street corners), trekking and swimming.  If you are into shopping, you can walk for miles without noticing what a work out you achieved!


In our hot weather make sure to remember the following:

  • Stay hydrated and to be safe top up with electrolytes (available from Pharmacies)
  • Wear sun screen and a hat to avoid sun stroke
  • And don’t overdo it. Baby steps everyday will give you results in a safer way than rushing.

Please see our monthly regular golf pages for golf info if that is your sport of choice.

Please note information is correct at the time of print 23rd May 2013.