Best Father Awards of 2013 Mark National Father Day of Thailand


Prachuab father of the year
Two Prachuab Khirikhan fathers were recognised and awarded as the best father of the year on 5 December 2013.
The awarding ceremony took place after His Majesty the King delivered a speech and thanked the Prime Minister of Thailand, the Chair of the Thai Parliament, the Chair of the National Assembly of Thailand, the military chiefs and Thai people who were given an audience and celebrated his birthday anniversary at Klai Kangwon Royal Residence in Hua Hin, said the Prachuab Khirikhan Governor Mr. Weera Sriwattanatrakul.
Mr. Chumphol Chokesuchart, the Chair of the local scout group of Hua Hin, was awarded the best father of 2013 for his contribution to family and social work. He is also a successful businessman and local politician. His children are also well recognised because some of them are social workers and one of them is currently working as the Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin.
Mr. Sawap Phaoprathan, a businessman from Thap Sakae in Prachaub Khirikhan, was also awarded the best father of 2013 for his hard working and being an exceptional role model for his family. His son is now a Mayor of Thap Sakae and dedicating himself a lot for the local people there.
Before the awarding ceremony, many people gathered together on Phetchakasem Road because they would like to greet His Majesty the King. Once the long-reigning monarch of Thailand granted them an audience, all the people said, “Long live the King”, together.
To celebrate the King’s birthday anniversary, the Prachuab Khirikhan Provincial Office and Hua Hin Municipality organised a Buddhist ceremony of alm offering for Buddhist monks at Hua Hin’s Clock Tower early in the morning on 5th December. Later in the afternoon, a ceremony of expressing gratitude to His Majesty the King took place at Queen Sirikit’s Memorial Park. It features a candle lighting ceremony to give best wishes to the King and singing of the Royal Anthems by participants.