Breeze Spa @ Amari Hua Hin Anti-Cellulite Body Sculpture 60 min 2,500 thb



Millions of women and men have cellulite and look for a way to reduce its appearance. There are many different cellulite treatments on the market but I have found the best one. I went to try the Anti-Cellulite Body sculpture at Breeze Spa and I left impressed.

Breeze Spa is located near the main pool in Amari Hua Hin. It’s a beautiful building with wooden floors. Khun Nick the Manager of Breeze Spa gave me all the information I needed for the treatment I was eager to try. Their pamphlet states that “Our anti-cellulite treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite by a combination of vigorous techniques of skin rubbing, kneading, twisting and rolling. The techniques are used to stimulate blood circulation and breakdown fat deposits. Special massage cream with plenty of plant extracts and aromatherapy oils aids in the removal of toxins and excess fluids by boosting circulation, metabolism and lymphatic systems. The treatment ends up with a body wrap to maximize the treatment’s benefits using your own body heat while our luxurious warming massage table keeps you comfortable during the treatment.”

I had prepared myself to feel pain when Khun Apple came and guided me to the room, as I heard that anti cellulite treatments are painful yet effective. The treatment room was big and very nicely designed.  The temperature was ideal and the aroma of the room made you feel relaxed straight away. After I had a small foot scrub with lemon, I lay on the warm massage table and the feeling was amazing! I was feeling very relaxed. When you go to the Breeze Spa look for my therapist, her name is Apple and she is very knowledgeable and experienced. Although she is tiny when she started massaging me I realised how strong she was I was impressed. She scrubbed all the dead skin off my body, then she stared to massage me with firm strokes. Although it was pleasant, after some time I started feeling a soft warm pinching in all my body that stimulates the cellulite. When I turned on my side she wrapped me and left me for some minutes so all the ingredients will act to remove the cellulite. Thank you Khun Apple! A shower after this treatment is necessary.

The good thing with this treatment is that for the whole day all your body felt tingly, so you know it was good and working. My friend told me that she saw an improvement to my body after this therapy! I’ll go again for sure!

Breeze Spa @Amari Hua Hin