Bringing blue crab back to Thailand’s seas

Bringing blue crab back to Thailand's seas
Bringing blue crab back to Thailand's seas

Hua Hin Today had the opportunity to visit Khao Takiab fishing community where villagers had told us that every day at 09.00, fishermen and the Blue Crab bank keeper will return netted immature sea creatures back to the sea to continue growing.

The innovative principle of releasing blue crabs is that the bank’s crab officer will provide ink pens for us to write our names on the crabs before releasing them into the sea, if a fisherman catches a crab that has a name on it, they will have to return it to the sea as if the crabs had already become pets that belong to someone.

In addition to baby blue crabs, there are also shrimp cubs, horseshoe crab cubs, spider crab cubs, and, more importantly, blue crab larvae that are bred from hundreds of thousands of blue crab banks that are tamed and released to increase the number of blue crabs in the Thai sea as a food source.

If you have a chance to go to the Khao Takiab area, you can visit it as another landmark of Takiab Village, we believe it is a good project that helps the sea of Thailand flourish with aquatic life. It is located in Ban Khao Takiab pavilion which is located in the alley beside the Amazon Cafe, opposite Soi Takiab 4.