Buddhist Lenten season begins Friday

HM King Rama X and HRH Queen Suthida anointed the Lenten candles in a ceremony at the Dusit Palace, Bangkok. (File photo)  

HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua and HRH Queen Suthida on Sunday sprinkled holy water and anointed the Buddhist Lent candles in a ceremony at the Residential Hall in Dusit Palace ahead the Makha Bucha Day to mark the beginning of the Thai Buddhist Lenten season on Friday, Feb 26.

The candles will be placed at six revered Buddhist temples, five of which are in Bangkok and one in Si Ayutthaya province.

There are three major Buddhist holidays being observed in Thailand, namely Makha Bucha, Asarnha Bucha and Visakha Bucha, all of which is declared a public holiday for government agencies, schools and other public institutions.

It is also accustomed that the sale of alcohol and the opening of bars, pubs and other entertainment venues are prohibited during these days.

Source: www.pattayamail.com