Cabinet adds 8 holidays to the 2021 calendar

Photo: The Thaiger

The Thai Cabinet added 8 holidays to the 2021 calendar, including an extra day for Songkran. Get ready for more long weekends. 

Adding the extra holiday will stimulate domestic travel and excite the economy which was hurt badly by the pandemic.

A government spokesperson confirmed the extra holidays with the Associated Press. The Cabinet set 4 national holidays and 4 regional holidays.

National holidays

  • Friday, February 12 for the Chinese New Year
  • Monday, April 12, adding a day to Songkran holiday from April 13-15
  • Tuesday, July 27 for substitution day for Buddhist Lent
  • Friday, September 24 to celebrate Mahidol Day which is in remembrance of Prince of Songkhla, Mahidol Adulyadej 
  • Regional holidays
    • Friday, March 26 for Wai Phra That (Northern Thailand)
    • Monday, May 10 for Bun Bang Fai, known as the Rocket Festival (Northeastern Thailand)
    • Wednesday, October 6 for Sart Thai, a festival held on the 10th lunar month (Southern Thailand)
    • Thursday, October 21 for the End of Buddhist Lent (Central Thailand)