CHA – AM CHOICES Some less well known places for you to explore and enjoy.


SPRINGFIELD BEACH – Far from the ‘Maddening Crowd’.

They call it Springfield Beach.  It’s easy to understand why, after all this beach was on no one’s radar before the nearby Springfield Resort and Spa came to town.  I asked a number of Thai people if there is a Thai name, however the answer was always the same with not one suggestion offered.This is a wonderfully relaxing escape from a crowded beach scene including on the weekend.  Not one banana boat, horse, bus or Seven Eleven in sight just a long stretch of clean sand and the occasional small fishing boat.  This is where you can go to chill out, indulge in a genuine massage and enjoy a Thai dining experience all right on the beach.

Massage is provided on comfortable mattresses on raised platforms covered to provide shade.  There is always a cooling sea breeze, not too hot whatever the temperature may be in town.  A one hour Thai massage will set you back 150 THB or some may prefer a manicure, pedicure or a variety of oil treatments.  Of course you are in the open but you’re not likely to be ogled at, it’s a very calming experience.  My masseuse was Khun Nok, she was very welcoming, competent and went out of her way to ask me if I had any particular aches or pains that needed special attention.  A real masseuse will soon find any areas of tension.

The Thai word for pain is ‘jep’, don’t be shy in speaking out if ‘jep’ is a problem.  For instance I have a tender toe after breaking it some years ago so I needed to let Khun Nok know in advance in case it was ‘pulled’ a little too hard!  Otherwise just close your eyes, relax and the one hour passes very quickly.  After waking (slowly) I felt really invigorated and ready to tackle anything.  Good for me either before or after a big golf day!The beach is 5 kilometres south of Cha –Am.

Vehicle access is from the main highway; there is no beach road from either Hua Hin or Cha – Am.  Just take the turn off the highway towards the Springfield Resort until you get to the beach.  Most of the beach goers are guests at the nearby resorts although it can be reached easily by motorbike or even bicycle.  I was told that some people even walk along the beach from Cha – Am, have a massage and walk back.  That’s about a 2 hour walk in both directions but if beach walking is your thing, a great day’s outing.  The beach services stay open until about 8.00PM so even a sunset experience should be considered.There is a variety of dining options available along the length of a 0.7 km paved road.

Typically these are small restaurant/bars ready to serve you across the beach where there are comfortable tables and chairs. Up market dining options are also available but I would suggest that you check out the local vendors first, good service, inexpensive, plenty of choice and delicious.  Padded wooden ‘benches’ are also available.  You can lie down to sunbath or snooze.  An end section tilts up if you want to gaze around or maybe read a magazine.  Much more comfortable than the usual deck chairs.  Next time you are in the mood for a calming day out away from it all, I suggest that you check out this little gem.

Nothing to lose except your tension and far from the maddening crowd!