Cha-Am to Improve Roads to Facilitate Transport


The Cha-Am Municipality will improve Chao Lai Road to facilitate heavy transport and car parking for the next summer holiday season. The road to be modified is located behind the Cha-Am beach.

Cha-Am beaches are easily accessible along Ruamchit Road, a beach side road of over five kilometers in length. Behind the beaches lies Chao Lai Road that accommodates traffic as well as the parking of trucks, buses and big cars. Because of these two roads Cha-Am beaches enjoys efficient and convenient transport.

Although Chao Lai Road has buildings and some spaces for car parking, accidents have occurred at parking space. The Cha-Am Municipality is planning to expand and modify the road starting from the intersection of Narathip Road towards the Northern end.

With a total budget of 18,180,000 Baht, modification of the road increases the width to 11-13 metres and 1,880 metres in length.  Additional water drainage will also be installed.

This project is due to finish at the beginning of June this year. When completed Chao Lai Road will become wider and will accommodate more traffic during the high season in Cha-Am.