How To Get To Know Other Business Operators

The primary purpose of the Cha-Am Businessmen’s Association is help local businesses develop a cooperative relationship and to support each other.  The main message offered by the President Khun Tawatchai Oitong (‘nofilm’) is that the Association is eager to welcome new Members and promote the future for local businesses in Cha-Am.

The key objectives of the Association are:

  • Friendship between business operators
  • Face to face meetings between individuals to overcome any difficulties.
  • To exchange information between businesses so that problems can be resolved and solutions shared.
  • A joint approach to differing levels of government.

The Association has been around for some 17 years and currently there are more than 300 small and medium businesses represented.  Bi-annual general meetings as well as monthly Committee Meetings are held to ensure an open line of communication.  Membership by business operators of foreign abstraction is something the Association is eager to encourage.

Of course being an Association Member may be an added advantage to give business customers more confidence in their choice of service supplier.

In the past the association has been an instigator of local Festivals and Events, usually with a strategy of ‘getting the ball rolling’ then taking a back seat as the festival or Event’s own management team takes the lead role.  In the future business seminars with experts in relevant field speaking to Members are planned.

The President’s tenure is for a period of two years with the next election due at the end of 2013.    The current President has a varied and diverse range of business skills which have held him in good stead in that role.  Apart from operating a ‘boutique’ Coffee Shop, he can proudly display his gallery and portfolio of professional photography and he distributes air conditioning equipment.  Truly an eclectic guy!

If you have a small or medium business in the Cha-Am area, why not get on board.  There is no doubt you will learn how to do business in Cha-Am in a more cooperative and mutually beneficial way.