Cheese Ecstasy @ Aree’s House


The Hua Hin Today team has been waiting for a month for Aree’s House to start serving Cheese Fondue.  We knew it was coming but the owner of Aree’s House is very particular with his Fondue.  He didn’t want just any ingredients he wanted “THE SWISS” cheese fondue ingredients from Switzerland.

His Fondue is specifically from the Fribourg Alps and made of 50% Gruyere and 50% Vacherin cheese, you can’t be more authentic than this. I am sure it’s not as simple as just adding bunch of cheese to a pot as each Fondue has its own secret ingredients.

For those of you who might not know the background of Fondue, it originated around the 16th or 18th Century in Switzerland or France, depending on who you listen to or their nationality. Originally it is said that Fondue started when in the winter months the peasants had a scarcity of fresh food but plenty of hardened bread and old cheese that was hard to eat. The people realised if they added some wine, garlic and herbs to the cheese it would make a delicious brew, solving the problem with the hardened cheese and the bread softening in the process.

The word Fondue comes from the word melt in French (fondre).   Cheese Fondue is the original but since then Meat Fondues, Chocolate Fondues and many other fondues have cropped up. Fondue is eaten communally with everyone dipping into their Fondue with bread with a continuously boiling Fondue pot.

How did we enjoy the cheese Fondue at Aree’s House? Ok, I ate most of it and I do not care what anyone says.  That’s what happens when you eat with three people sharing a pot and they spend all their time talking in French.  Talk is for later when the food is gone is my opinion.  In other words the fondue was very good, just the right mix of cheese with a hint of wine and some other “secret” ingredients.

Aree’s serves two sizes of Fondues; 440 grams for 1-2 persons 790 THB or 880 grams for 3-4 persons for 1,550 THB.  Fondue is very deceptive in size and you might think that’s you haven’t eaten much but then the bread swells in your tummy and you are very full indeed. This was the case with me.

I have always loved Fondue, in either tropical or cold climates. I used to save all my student money so I could eat Fondue in an old hotel in my former hometown of Singapore that made fantastic fondue when I was young. That hotel and the fondue expert are long gone so I am happy to know that when a cheese attack enters my mind I can go to Aree’s House for a happy food coma. Try it and don’t share, t’s ok to be greedy when it comes to Fondue.

Aree’s House

Address: 130/3, Soi 55, Chomsin Road, HUA HIN

Tel.  +6632531353