Christmas Recipe: The Rose des Sables


A perfect sweet nibble for Christmas is “The Rose des Sables” a French delicacy easily made at home. The Rose des Sables which means literally Sand Roses but to make it easier you can call them Crispy cookies.

The “Rose des Sables” from Mamie Monique Recipe

– 175g Corn Flakes

– 150g Butter

– 200g Dark Chocolate

– 125g Sugar


In a large saucepan, melt butter and chocolate cut into small pieces with a very low heat.

Then mix them all together until smooth, add the sugar and mix one more time.

Leave it to cool down for a bit so the flakes won’t go soft when you pour on the melted chocolate.

Pour cornflakes into the pan (off the heat).

Mix gently to avoid breaking the flakes which must be all topped with chocolate.

Cover a dish with parchment paper.

Form small rocks using two spoons.

Put the “Roses des Sables” in the fridge or at least one hour and they are ready to eat!