Cirque Du Soleil – ‘QUIDAM’ Live In Bangkok

Cirque Du Soleil – ‘QUIDAM’ Live In Bangkok
Cirque Du Soleil – ‘QUIDAM’ Live In Bangkok
Cirque Du Soleil – ‘QUIDAM’ Live In Bangkok
Cirque Du Soleil – ‘QUIDAM’ Live In Bangkok

About Cirque Du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company. It is the largest theatrical producer in the world and based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Each show is a synthesis of circus styles from around the world, with its own central theme and storyline. Shows employ continuous live music, with performers rather than stagehands changing the props – In 1984, 73 people worked
for Cirque du Soleil. Today, the business
has 4,000 employees worldwide,
including more than 1,300 artists.
– The company’s employees and artists represent more than 50 nationalities and speak 25 different languages.
– Close to 150 million spectators have seen a Cirque du Soleil show since 1984.
– Close to 15 million people saw a Cirque du Soleil show in 2014.

About Quidam – Opens on July 29, 2015

The main character is a young Zoé who is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic ignore her and life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world – the world of Quidam – where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul. Quidam: a nameless passer-by, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past and swallowed by the crowd. It could be anyone, anybody. Someone coming or going at the heart of our anonymous society. A member of the crowd, one of the silent majority. The one who cries out, sings and dreams within us all. This is the “Quidam” whom this show allows to speak. This is the place that beckons – a place for dreaming and genuine relations where all Quidam, by proclaiming their individuality, can finally emerge from anonymity.

What the reviews say about the show

“It was what we expect from the circus; clowns, beautiful athletes, fabulous costumes, and remarkable feats of artistry, poise, sensuality and balance.” “The sheer virtuosity of these performers is enough to leave your head spinning.” Mercury News “Quidam is a classic in the Cirque repertoire. It appeals to young and old alike, and it has mature and also youthful themes that most people can relate to.”

Venue: Impact Arena, Muang Thong
Thani, Nonthaburi, Thailand
Gate Open: Approx. 60 minutes before show start.
Ticket Price: 5,000 / 4,000 / 3,000 / 2,000 / 1,000 Baht
Online Tickets: