Everyone knows Coffee. It is one of the most world wide popular drinks. Let’s see the reasons why it becomes the favorite drink of the most people.

Firstly, coffee helps increase the learning capacity of the brain. It positively affects the brain to work better and to release useful brain chemicals. Two most significant stimulated chemicals are Adrenaline and Dopamine. Increasing Adrenaline will improve your irritability and wake you up from sluggishness.

It makes you feel active, lively, fresh and vigorous. Dopamine works on brain cognition. When you think hard or try brain storming to get through your work, Dopamine will help you think more smoothly. It also helps control your temper. Working together, Adrenaline and Dopamine will create enthusiasm and increase learning ability.

Secondly, this popular drink can make your health better if you drink the appropriate amount.  Not only protecting you from many diseases i.e. Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease, drinking coffee can also relieve muscle pain. Besides the emotional effects of stimulation, Adrenaline affects the metabolism system.

Lastly, you can create many tastes from coffee. The compounds in coffee are aromatic compounds and can provide about 800 tastes. (Wine has about 200 tastes.)

However, drinking too much coffee may lead to health problems rather than benefits. See you next issue.