Commercial cooking gas regulations tightened


The Cabinet has approved the ministerial regulation to tighten the rules for gas distribution stores, they will no longer be allowed to store gas or trade from buildings of multiple commercial use. Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the Cabinet meeting approved the proposal by The Ministry for Energy to regulate the cooking gas store business to a higher safety standard to prevent serious accidents. The new regulation will state tightened rules on location, layout and construction quality for all gas storage and distribution as follows:

Do not set up a store that sells LPG cylinders in condominiums, shopping malls, exhibition buildings or liquefied petroleum gas service stations.

• A storehouse located within 6 metres from other buildings must store no more than 2,400 litres of liquefied petroleum gas, but if located more than 6 meters from other buildings, it can store liquefied petroleum gas no more than 12,000 litres.

• Type 2 stores (stores with more than 500 litres of liquefied petroleum gas) must have a distributed fire protection and suppression system, and a fire suit that can be sprayed with water to cover the area where the LPG tank or gas canister is stored.

Existing businesses must comply within 1 year of the new Ministerial Regulation coming into force, and existing distribution shops located in commercial buildings shall be exempted from obtaining the consent of the owner of the neighbouring commercial building with a joint wall.