COVID-19 Infection Rate in Bangkok Is Decreasing


BANGKOK (NNT) – The Rural Doctors Society reports that COVID-19 infection rates in Bangkok have fallen over the past four days.

According to a study by rural doctors, 7,227 people were found to be infected among 69,115 people tested. This third update on their study produced a figure of 10.5%, less than the previous update at 16.1%.

The Rural Doctors Society chairman Supat Hasuwannakit said 20 teams had found more than 7,000 people tested positive, from 51,000 people tested in crowded communities in Bangkok, after two rounds of mass testing last month.

The active case finding has a target to test 250,000 people between 4 – 10 August, as well as provide COVID-19 vaccines to the elderly and those with chronic diseases. Those who test positive will be undergo RT-PCR tests to confirm the result. They will later receive green chiretta or favipiravir and be treated in home isolation.