Delicious Belgian Waffles @ 45!


I was very excited to be invited to try Belgian Waffles at the newly opened Restaurant 45 at the corner of Petchkasem and Soi 45 (thus the name). Owner and Chef Patrick has brought to Hua Hin Belgian Waffles, Belgian Apple Donuts and Flemish (Crêpes but larger).  The idea behind this was to introduce typically Belgian desserts to Hua Hin city. Patrick also felt that Hua Hin needed a place where you could have tasty desserts with hearty portions at reasonable prices.

Patrick has a keen eye for design and the outside area where I sat is beautifully decorated with a Mediterranean feel, or you can sit inside with the open plan layout and see exactly how he makes his dessert creations and food.

I learnt that the Belgian “sweets” can be eaten plain or in most cases come with toppings of your choice. I had the Belgian Waffle which is a very large oblong waffle with fruits (pineapple, grapes, kiwi, Bananas and fresh strawberries), plus two scoops of Ice crème, generous dollops of whipped crème and strawberry sauce to top it all off.

I watched Patrick make the Belgian Waffles in a specially imported waffle maker from Belgium and now I understand why the consistency of the waffle is fluffy and light versus waffles I have had in the past. The waffle itself is a substantial serving at 200 THB per portion.  I have to say I was full after eating it and didn’t need to eat dinner afterwards.

Patrick is a nice guy who even packed for me treats for the office (note: 45 have take away desserts!).  When I arrived back at the office with Belgian waffles and Belgian Apple Donuts, it took exactly 5 minutes before they were snapped up and consumed by my colleagues. The fresh hot Belgian Donuts looked amazing with powdered sugar on top (served in 3’s).  Some were almost swallowed whole by a few people who shan’t be named. I was too full to even try to eat one, but I will be back to try some more soon. Apparently they are a main attraction at all Belgium fairs.

Additional to desserts or snacks, 45 serves   Mediterranean food such as paella, Greek specialties, pastas and steaks or fish served with sauces of your choice. Patrick has been in the restaurant business in Belgium for some time and knows his cooking.  If you want try something new this is your man!

For more info call 087 5920620

Location: At the corner of Soi 45 and Petchakasim Road; look for the big green sign.