Delivery motorcycles must meet improved standards

Delivery motorcycles must meet improved standards
Delivery motorcycles must meet improved standards

Department of Land Transport has raised the standard required of all delivery motorcycles and motorcyclists involved in the transportation of food and parcels, for the safety of transportation and the use of road vehicles.

In recent times delivery businesses using motorcycles have increased exponentially with the advent of digital platform stores, and many such as food and parcel delivery couriers are to be seen everywhere sporting their logo emblazoned boxes that contain their products.

A recent survey found that some bikes have installed boxes or equipment that are too large or too wide, protruding from the bike’s body, when loaded this causes the motorcycle to become unsteady and that affects driving safety. The Department of Land Transport recognises the importance of such businesses to the economic and social system, which contributes to creating jobs and generating income. But at the same time, the safety of motorists sharing the road has to be taken into account. With this is mind they they have set the new regulations as follows:

Driver Management: The rider must not be a person considered dangerous to society such as having a history of committing crimes related to theft, fraud, drug addiction etc. They must have a motorcycle license that has not expired and must not be suspended, the business operator must have a system to monitor this, and will be responsible if the rider commits an offence causing damage to another person’s property or body.

In addition, basic training on safe driving, safe transportation services, and preventive measures for illegal transport of goods is also required, this includes not speeding or violating other traffic rules.

Vehicle management: Vehicles used for transportation must be properly registered with annual vehicle tax payment and insurance under the Vehicle Accident Protection Act, B.E. 2535 (1992). The box or equipment used to contain the goods must not contain any sharp or rough parts that may pose a danger to the driver himself or other road users.

The box must be the correct size, if housed at the rear of the bike it must be a maximum of 60cm wide, 70cm high, and 60cm long, and must not extend more than 30cm past the extent of the back wheel.

If housed on the sides the width from the left edge to the right edge must not exceed 90cm, on bikes that are wider than 90cms it must have a maximum width of 110cm. The installation must be stable, strong and symmetrical along the center of the vehicle and must not obstruct visibility or the illumination of any lighting or signalling devices.

The Department of Land Transport demands that riders and business operators ensure all boxes and packing equipment meet the size and installation requirements before the law comes into force, non-compliance will result in a fine of not more than THB 1,000.

The Department of Land Transport will immediately start to collect information on all courier, parcel and food business operators currently operating, in order to raise the standards of transportation and safety in the use of road vehicles.

They will demand such business operators submit a copy of the company partnership registration certificate, co-ordinator names, telephone numbers, and all driver information and motorcycle registration to the Department of Land Transport from now on. The information can be sent to the shipping component, freight forwarding bureau of Department of Land Transport.