Dinner Reception for Chinese Business Group


In March 2013, Hua Hin Today invited a Chinese business group of travel agencies, real estate firms and investors to present to them the opportunity for direct investments in our beautiful resort city.

The Chinese business group traveled from Guangzhou and Hunan in China to be introduced to Hua Hin as a top Thai destination for exclusive Chinese travellers as well as to consider investment opportunities.

A dinner reception was held at the White Lotus, Hilton Hua Hin Resort and Spa on the 8th of March hosted by Eleni Mastronikolis, General Manager of Hua Hin Today.

A group of Prachuap Khirikhan government authorities was honored to join the dinner reception. Ms. Nuwanna Anantakitpaisarn, Vice Governor of Prachuab Kirikhan, Pol. Maj. Gen. Tanet Soontornsuk, Commander of Prachuab Kirikhan Provincial Police, Mr. Montri Shoupu, Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, Pol. Col. Damrongsak Thongngarmtrakul, Superintendent of Hua Hin Police, Pol. Col. Pansak Kadee, Superintendent of Royal Thai Police Immigration of Prachuab Kirikhan and Ms. Vanida  Arunothai, Chief of Prachuab Kirikhan Commercial Office, Mr. Boonlert Boonchuay, Deputy of Provincial Administrative Organization, Mr. Kriengkrai Kraitong, Prachuab Kirikhan Mayor, Mrs. Pattama Kraitong (Wife of Mr. Kriengkrai), Mr. Somporn Yasotorn, Deputy Mayor of Prachuab Kirikhan, Pol. Col. Arkane Daengdomyut, Superintendent of Prachuab Kirikhan Police, Pol. Lt. Col. Sathabhorn Sanguansuk, Inspector of Tourist Police Station 7 Sub-Division 2 Tourist Police Division, Pol. Lt. Col. Veerawat Kruesombat, (with Pol. Col. Pansak Kadee), Pol. Lt. Col. Suchart Saengnil (with Pol. Col. Pansak Kadee), Pol. Maj. Gen. Noi Wannaphaiboon, Editor of Hua Hin Today and Mr. Phaiboon from local Real Estate firm.

Souvenirs were presented to both the Chinese group and the Thai authorities during the evening. The dinner reception gave an opportunity for Chinese business people to meet and speak with local Thai authorities. This opportunity strengthened their investment confidence in Hua Hin.

The guests enjoyed the food as much as the fantastic views of Hua Hin City from the Sky Bar, Hilton Hua Hin Resort and Spa. The Chinese business group had stayed at the Black Lotus Resort for three nights. Mr. George Mastronikolis, the owner of Regal Thailand had traveled to China with the Chinese business group.

On returning from China Mr. George confirmed that there is a high level of interest from the Chinese business group about investing in Hua Hin, especially in tourism.

Mr. George revealed “I was surprised about the strength of their interest; the Chinese travel agency will soon plan their travel promotions for April with Hua Hin as the destination. It is expected that the first Chinese customer group will visit Hua Hin as early as May this year. The discussion on direct charter flights from China to Hua Hin is also in the agenda, with a plan to start from autumn this year.

I have already visited their travel agency offices in Hunan.” Mr. George explained “This Chinese Travel Agency Company is a large operation with 800 salesman and 68 office locations all over China. They are specialized in outgoing travel. Currently they operate two charter flights weekly from China to Bangkok all year round. They love Hua Hin and believe it can become the top Thailand destination for Chinese travelers. The Chinese travel agency targets high-end travelers and officials. They also have suggested a closer go-operation between the two cities at a government level.”

“That is something I will discuss with our local authorities” Mr. George revealed.

“Considerable attention has been placed on developments in Hua Hin. We have invited two groups of Chinese business people and real estate agents to visit Hua Hin in a month’s time. China is offering a big opportunity to all of us”

Mr. George currently runs an Import and Export Company in China where his offices are located in Foshan city, Guangdong province.

“It took me almost two and half years to start this import and export operation. Now we are a well established company in China. Our Hua Hin showroom will soon be officially opened and operated by the Saengchart Company owned by Ms. Pawadee Saengchart.”