Disinfectant spray guns are useless and even dangerous, warns Thailand’s FDA


Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has warned against the use of alcohol or disinfectant spray guns.

The guns, which are meant to spray alcohol or disinfectant over a large area, are ineffective at disinfecting surfaces and could actually cause virus pathogens to spread more widely.

The guns have been in high demand, particularly following the third wave of virus infections in Thailand.

However, TFDA Deputy Secretary-General Dr Supatra Boonserm said that rather than using spray guns, people should use alcohol or disinfectant to wipe down surfaces.

Dr. Supatra said that the alcohol droplets from the guns could also cause irritation if they come into contact with someone’s eyes or nose, which could also lead to dizziness, nauseas or breathing difficulties in children or the elderly.

Dr Supatra Boonserm concluded that the guns are not effective at killing germs and pose an increased risk to people’s health.