DIY -Christmas Calendar




Here is how to create your own DIY Advent (Christmas) calendar for kids which will to create a count down until Christmas day. Encourage them to participate in making it to add to the excitement.


First of all to create the calendar you need to start to collect any little box, toilet & kitchen paper rolls, and make a visit to purchase supplies to Tesco in their stationery section or at Pen & Paper on Phetkasem Road.


What you need: some coloured paper, gift wrapping ribbons, some paints and glue


Here are some ideas about goodies to put in the Calendar:

Mini Candies,

Mini chocolates bars,

Mini dry fruits,

Mini Toys,

Small grains to make them grow a plant or a flower,

Card Games,

And on the 24th, slip a little money note in it.


Other than toys and candies a good substitute is to write notes, to teach your children how to help and respect one another or promise notes such as : “Mommy will bake my favorite cake today!”

Tips: If your boxes/envelops are too small to contain the little gift of the day, slip a note into it and give him by hand.


Happy crafting!