Don’t be mistaken by new banknotes lookalike

Front image of the new commemorative 1,000-baht banknote.

The new commemorative 100-baht banknotes have raised concerns that they looked identical to the 1,000-baht notes.

Many people were caught by surprise when withdrawing from ATM machines and saw images of new 100-baht commemorative banknotes which contains a gold motif instead of the regular red colour.

Back image of the new 1,000-baht banknote.

The commemorative notes were issued by the Bank of Thailand (BoT) on Saturday to mark the Royal Coronation Ceremony of 2019. The front of the note portrays HM King Rama X while the back shows images reflecting the ceremony.

The new banknotes comprises 1,000-baht and 100-baht notes.

According to social media, some people were concerned about a possible mix-up because the colour of the 100-baht commemorative notes is close to that of the 1,000-baht notes that is brown in colour.

The 1,000-baht commemorative notes have a vertical orientation.

Original writer: Post Reporters
Source: Bangkok Post