Don’t Overstay Your Visa – Penalties Apply

Don’t Overstay Your Visa - Penalties Apply
Don’t Overstay Your Visa - Penalties Apply
Don’t Overstay Your Visa - Penalties Apply
Don’t Overstay Your Visa – Penalties Apply

The website of the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok, on 22nd July posted a new announcement regarding its rules for overstay. The new regulations iare yet to be approved by the Ministry of Interior. That means, the new rules is not yet in effect. If you currently are on overstay, you are advised to clear it as soon as possible. Good advice would be to clear the overstay at the Airport and fly out to a neighbouring country and obtain a relevant visa at a Royal Thai Consulate or Embassy. The announcement details the proposed penalties for overstay as follows:

Warning ! The aliens who violate The Immigration Act, B.E.2522 by overstaying more than 90 days in the Kingdom of Thailand will be forbidden from re-entering the kingdom for a certain period of time as follow ;

Overstay more than 90 days forbidden 1 year
Overstay more than 1 year forbidden 3 years
Overstay more than 3 years forbidden 5 years
Overstay more than 5 years forbidden 10 years In the case that alien is being apprehended
Overstay less than 1 year forbidden 5 years
Overstay more than 1 years forbidden 10 years

The previous rules regarding overstay described a fine of 500 Baht/day up to a maximum of 20,000 Baht. With regards to arrest, detention, deportation or blacklisting, each individual was reviewed by the Immigration Bureau on a case by case basis. Immigration has recently taken a number of measures to stop foreign nationals abusing the system which is in place to assist bonafide tourists only and has looked to prevent those who complete regular ‘Out/In border runs’ from being able to stay in Thailand long term.

There are also an increasing number of reports that foreigners are being asked to sign a form acknowledging the penalties for foreigners who overstay. An immigration source commented that the time has come for foreigners to show disregard for the rules and regulations in order to stay in Thailand legally. “It is time to stop. If you live in a country, you respect its rules.” The Thailand Immigration website is