DPM Prawit urges vaccine distribution among workers


BANGKOK (NNT) – Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has urged the Ministry of Labour to provide COVID-19 vaccines to the workforce, with 1.5 million doses now allocated for insured persons with Social Security.

The Deputy Prime Minister called for a fast rollout of COVID-19 vaccines for the workforce and the general public, in line with the national agenda on COVID-19 vaccination.

Various workforces are now considered among the at-risk population, especially those in the industrial and tourism sectors. The Ministry of Public Health has allocated 1.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine for full-time workers under the Social Security scheme, with the rollout of this lot planned for next month.

After joining a follow-up meeting on COVID-19 measures, Gen Prawit urged the Ministry of Labour to ensure a comprehensive vaccine rollout for the nation’s workforce, along with proactive testing and effective outbreak surveillance, to ensure the safety of workers.

On stimuli and aid campaigns, the DPM has urged related agencies to continue providing this help for people affected by the situation, through payout campaigns and special offers, such as a proposal for insured persons to withdraw a portion of their saved pension in advance.

Gen Prawit has also urged related agencies to ensure the orderliness of migrant workers, by strictly upholding public health measures to prevent a possible COVID-19 surge.