Elderly expats given lifeline regarding mandatory insurance requirement for Non-Immigrant “O-A” visas

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Thailand’s Cabinet on Tuesday approved new rules that will help people aged over 70 purchase health insurance as part of the application for a Non-Immigrant “O-A” visa.

Previously, applicants were required to purchase health insurance from a Thai insurance provider via the https://longstay.tgia.org/ website.

However, it can be difficult for people aged over 65 to buy insurance from a Thai insurance company. Often applicants over 65 are required to undergo a medical, while other insurance companies simply won’t accept new applicants aged over 70.

Without insurance, the applicant will not be granted the Non-Immigrant “O-A” visa.

According to Siam Rath, the new rules approved on Tuesday are as follows:

  • People applying for the visa for the first time must include health insurance or government welfare with minimum coverage of $100,000 or 3 million baht for medical expenses and treatment of Covid-19.
  • Applicants can now use health insurance or government welfare from abroad. A relevant government agency, such as a foreign embassy in Thailand or the respective country’s Foreign Ministry must certify the insurance.
  • In the case that an insurance company refuses coverage due to health risks, the applicant must submit additional documents with their O-A application such as the letter of refusal, plus securities, deposits and other health insurance not less than 3 million baht.

The Cabinet has assigned the Immigration Bureau to issue an order from the Royal Thai Police confirming the new rules.

The Cabinet has also asked the Immigration Bureau to improve the rules and conditions for foreigners applying for short term visas and to ensure that any changes to regulations are properly publicised to foreigners.

This post has been republished with permission from Thaivisa.com.