Electricity prices in Thailand set to rise


Thailand’s energy regulator has decided to raise the FT rate from January to April of 2022 due to the increasing energy prices around the globe.

This tariff increase would effectively raise the pricing on electricity bills to 3.78 baht per unit, starting next year.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)’s Secretary General Komkrit Tantravanich said this tariff increase is the result of the weakening currency exchange rate, the seasonal reduction of electricity imports from foreign hydropower plants, lower electricity production from the planned decommissioning of Mae Moh lignite power plant, the increase of natural gas prices in line with the rising global fuel prices, and the increase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports to compensate for the dwindling natural gas supply from sources in the Gulf of Thailand.

This rate adjustment will increase the final electricity price by 4.63% to 3.78 baht per unit, marking the country’s first FT rate increase in 2 years.

Despite the increase, Mr. Komkrit said the final electricity price will remain under that of 2015.