EU Meeting in Hua Hin

EU Meeting in Hua Hin
EU Meeting in Hua Hin


Ambassadors and representatives of the European Union (E.U.) have recently attanded a meeting in Hua Hin to discuss about foreign affairs and relations between European countries and Thailand. On the occasion, they met and talked to local media and journalists of Hua Hin, too. H.E. David Lipman, the E.U. Ambassador and Head of Delegation, said that the meeting, attended by E.U. Ambassadors and representatives from 17 countries in Europe, took place at Hilton Hua Hin.

The main agenda of the meeting concerns problems on trade, commerce, investment and economy among others as well as good relations between Thailand European nations. H.E. Lipman also emphasized the good relations, mentioning the visit of the current Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra to Europe and the visit to Thailand by senior officers of E.U. Moreover, the E.U. would like to initiate cooperation and free trade in Thailand apart from strengthening human rights, good governance and value development of E.U. and Thailand.

The British Ambassador, who took part in the meeting, said that Thailand enjoyed very good opportunities to strengthen relations and develop itself together with European countries. Now, what is the most important thing is the free trade since many European countries are facing economic crisis. So, trade, investment and political development is much needed and Thailand is one of the few countries where European like to visit and study.

Currently, the European countries are establishing a center of European culture which allows Thailand to participate in and jointly develop. In terms of political problems in Thailand, the British Ambassador said that other countries understood it because this was an internal matter for many countries. So, the problem does not affect tourism, joint investment, economy and international cooperation of Thailand and European countries.

Recently, European countries, such as Sweden, has set up its consular section in Cha-Am to take good care of around 10,000 Swedish people in the area and in Prachuap Khirikhan. In the future, Sweden and other European countries will open their own consular section in Hua Hin. “In terms of some problems on imported agricultural products from Thailand to Europe, especially some insects found in imported vegetable, the E.U. already gave advice to concerned organizations in Thailand so that they put strict measures on exported goods later.

The E.U. then hopes that goods and products from Thailand will be improved,” said the E.U. Ambassadors, adding that they did not hamper any imported goods or products from Thailand. The E.U. Meeting in Hua Hin is a good occasion and opportunity for Thailand to formulate policies and plans that suit well with Euope’s. It is also a chance for local media in Hua Hin to meet and talk with senior officers of the E.U. The European Union consists of 27 members, 20 of which have their own embassy in Thailand. Among others, the most well-known European nations for Thai people are England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy.