EVERYDAY PEOPLE – That Carabao Guy




For those readers based in Cha-Am, the chances are that at some time or another you will have seen the subject of this month Everyday People.  He is somewhat conspicuous both because of his personal appearance but also because of the appearance of his motorbike and ‘sidecar’.


His name is Mr. Udom Thubthong though better name by his nick name of ‘Dom’.  You may have wondered where you have seen his distinctive hairstyle, moustache before then realise that he is a look alike for Pi Ad, the lead singer of the very famous Thai Rock band Carabao.  He was featured on many posters around town some months ago when they were plying a concert in town,


Khun Dom is 68 years old and a native of Amphur Krathumban, Samut Sakhon Province. He came to live in Cha-Am when he was 25 year old. He describes himself as single though he says he has fathered three children. He used to work for others as a furniture painter but clearly wasn’t suited to working as an employee.  He describes a previous life as a ‘very silly life; drunk with no money’.


Then one day he decided his life must change as he didn’t want to die.  He created the design and ‘features’ of his bike with Carabao in mind.  For him that is an image of a free & easy and independent lifestyle.  His bike is decorated with the buffalo horns (as well as other decorations of all kinds) that are a recognised logo of the band.  This outfit has attracted the attention of the media from across the country!


His business is selling non-alcohol drinks (hot and cold) of many varieties starting in the morning between 5 to 9 AM, usually around the southern end of the beach.  However this is a flexible approach to business, so he may decide to head for the Wednesday market or for that matter just about anywhere if customers and friends can be found.


Khun Dom says that he has been ‘dry’ for over ten years.   He is proud of changing from being very poor (mainly because of the booze) to being able to live a comfortable and easy life.


He in content in Cha-Am in part because of the good weather and the people he meets here.  Being a minor celebrity has it’s reward as business is good and his business ‘premises’ is very photogenic it’s only polite to become a customer if you want to join his ‘fan club’.