Everyday People – Fixing Your Teeth Doesn’t Equate to Pain



I had the great pleasure of meeting sisters Dr Varissara Naowrungroj and Khun Urai Playsuwan that own the chain of Nadpob Clinic’s in Hua Hin.  They have two outlets in Hua Hin, at the Colonnade Mall which was opened some 3 years ago and their latest “baby” Nadpob Dental Clinic at Soi 102.

I have a morbid fear of dentist to the point were I used to pretend that I had a severe cough in the hopes of skipping the appointment. But this is a dental office with the difference; two lovely sisters, Khun Urai running the business side and Dr Varissara being a qualified dentist with many years of experience.  Dr. Varissara believes that dentistry should be done gently in a relaxing atmosphere. DR. Varissara does all kinds of dentistry but specialises is implants, bridge work, cosmetic dentistry and braces.

The dental premises at Soi 102 are beautiful decorated with a great emphasis on relaxation in the form of a small garden visible from the dentist chair and many other homely yet classy touches. The sisters are very serious about the hygiene and high technology aspect of their business.  They even have a separate room for dental implants, which has been built to maximum hygiene standards which are so important for this kind of work.  The dental surgery has a dedicated X Ray machine (no need to move from you chair to have a small X Ray) as well as a full scale X Ray machine in another dedicated room; impressive facilities and standards to say the least.

The sister are originally from Bangkok but Khun Urai moved from Bangkok 18 years when she graduated from Hotel Management School because she found Hua Hin to be so beautiful plus the proximity to the sea and fresh air.

The DR. Varissara graduated from Dentistry school in Bangkok and did her initial years of work in North East Thailand and Bangkok. She still returns to North East Thailand to do charitable work by donating her time as a dentist in poorer towns and villages.  Incidentally DR. Varissara wanted to become a dentist because she suffered from many cavities as a child so she wanted to become a dentist to help others by creating a place where people could receive treatment in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

I asked how DR. Varissara also ended up moving to Hua Hin, the answer was that she used to visit her sister Khun Urai in Hua Hin and fell in love with it.  Three years ago they set up business together. Khun Urai says she doesn’t have much free time but her dentist sister likes to swim, be involved in charity work (in the form of dentistry in poorer areas) and to visit the gym.

Just in case you are in the market for new teeth or shall we say improved teeth, implants can cost anything from 55,000-75,000 and braces are from 35,000 to 75,000.   Consultation for implants is free and the good news is both sisters speak good English especially Khun Urai who can act as a translator.

Tel: 032 513 264