EVERYDAY PEOPLE Khun Teauw and “Teauw’s Laundry”



Rinda Sahasram runs a laundry in Cha-Am. However when we spoke to Khun Teauw (her nickname) she was suffering; the result of a motor bike accident with bandages on one swollen leg and limping around on crutches.

Teauw’s account of the accident was that she stopped outside a 7 Eleven then a car ran into her bike without any rhythm or reason. She says the driver was a 17 year old Thai lady who she thinks may have been drunk.
Was she wearing a helmet?; NO ………………. Why not? …………… because it was in the morning!
So perhaps she was a bit lucky that only her leg was injured and as her 3 year old son who was also on the bike escaped with only a small scratch.
Khun Teauw comes from Burriram and moved to Cha-Am about eight years ago to help her sister run a small bar. However when she saw the need for a laundry service around town she bought one washing machine for the bar. A year later it was moved it to the current laundry shop where there are now 4 machines operating.
Khun Teauw has been married for ten years and there are two sons in the family. They live on the business premises although as the boys grow older (now 9 and 3 years old), the family is eager to move to a bigger place so there is more room to move. Husband Yuan bought a brand new minibus (one million THB) about a year ago and operates a private taxi service.
Both husband and wife speak some English, at least enough to be able to understand what their respective customers need. However Yuan told one story of a small misunderstanding that cost him a customer. The question put to him was ….. “Are you busy?” Unfortunately his answer was ….”Yes!”, so off went the customer! He’s learnt what that question means now and will never make that mistake again.
Khun Teauw is usually full of smiles and even the current injury has not altered her very friendly disposition. She is also known by many Cha-Am locals because she helps out from time to time with the catering and drinks at functions when a restaurant or bar is looking for some temporary staff.
Why does she like Cha-AM? Because things aren’t too expensive; not because of the beach. She doesn’t like too much sun exposure. What doesn’t she like? Stray dogs; a common complaint around town. Holidays? Always back to her home Province of Burriram or perhaps to her husband’s previous home near the town of Nan, not far from the Laos border. At least they always travel in style!
A very simple white sign with the word ‘Laundry’ (in English and Thai) can be seen outside the shop. Teauw says it it’s really called “Teauw’s Laundry” but her husband thinks that a sign with the full name is too expensive!
The laundry is open 7 days a week from 8AM to 8 PM and easy to find. It’s on Narathip Road (the main road to the beach) about 200 metres from the beach road on the right hand side heading for the beach. You’ll also see a Taxi sign outside.
We can recommend both the laundry and mini bus services as friendly and efficient operations. If that’s what you are looking for, call in and say hullo or phone 0856 343 631 – you’ll be impressed!