Extreme Pampering by Novotel Hua Hin Cha Am Beach Resort & Spa!



Hua Hin Today & Cha Am Todaywas invited to experience a serious of spa treatmentat the Novotel Hua Hin’s Spa this month. The Spa is located at a lovely location right next to the pool area by the beach. The décor is very luxurious and has beautiful views from the treatment rooms.

I was slightly worried that you could see into the treatment rooms from outside the building as the windows face the beach a few metres away.  Fear not, the glass is treated in such a way that you can see out but nobody can see in.

The treatment starts with a lovely cold drink followed by a complimentary foot scrub.The Spa Manager Khun Upalee then graciously arranged to provide me with a body scrub and Radiance Facial.

The lovely lady in charge on my treatment started with the all-body sea salt scrub. The scrub includes Thai herbs such as cumin and tamarind to clean the skin and remove dead tissue. I spend a lot of time on the beach and I know that my skin was starting to look a bit like an overcooked turkey so I was very pleased with my skin’s improvement. I was allowed to take a luxurious shower afterwards and was ready for my Radiance Facial.

Snoring is one very bad habit I can’t seem to stop, but it is also a very good indicator that when I snore I am in bliss.   Snore I did through the facial. How do I know this? Well I snored so loud I kept waking myself up. Horrible I know but what can I do.

The facial uses Algotherm products are again based on sea salt and in this case seaweed.  I learned that seaweed has bioactive molecules such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and essential acids. I know really don’t know what that all means but I have to say the end result was clean glowing skin. The treatment consisted of cleansing, a scrub, a facial and a moisturising massage.  At that point I was dead to the world and was pretty annoyed when the treatment was over. I really felt like I could stay here for a week or more….…However they gave me a quick back rub and I had to face it, I couldn’t stay there rotating from treatment to treatment no matter how tempting it felt.

The set up at the Spa was very impressive, intimate and well-appointed.  The service was great with very professional quality treatments and obviously enjoyable. Therefore I give Novotel Hua Hin Resorts Spa the Snore rating: ******* (7 stars) for making me so relaxed.

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