Fah Sai Cha-Am Suay Boosts Knowledge About ASIAN


The Fah Sai Cha-Am Suay Group is launching a campaign to strengthen knowledge about the upcoming ASEAN Community for the local people of Cha-Am.

On 14th June 2013, the Mayor of Cha-Am Mr. Nukul Pornsomboonsiri chaired a meeting and seminar of the Fah Sai Cha-Am Suay Group under the project, ‘Cha-Am Na Yoo (Lively Cha-Am)’.

The objective of the seminar was to prepare Members of the Group for the upcoming ASEAN Community by strengthening their knowledge and understanding.  The event allowed the Group Members to share their opinions and experiences to enhance good relations with the public sector, said Mr. Amnart Witthaya, the Chief Officer of Cha-Am Municipality.

The seminar involved 200 local community members, public health volunteers, teachers, staff of Cha-Am Hospital and members of several civil societies. The Cha-Am Municipality gave financial support for this event.

Mr. Nukul said that he was pleased that the Members of Fah Sai Cha-Am Suay were aware of the Asian Community. Cha-Am is a beachfront City worth developing and upgrading to international standards. The cooperation of people and concerned agencies is required.  Additionally the Cha-Am Municipality is happy to be a part of this campaign.

Set up by the Cha-Am Municipality, the Fah Sai Cha-Am Suay consists of members of civil societies in Cha-Am including public and academic sectors. It aims to mobilize the city to become lively and clean with sustainable development.  Since 2006 the Group has organied training, field trips and group activities.