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We were invited by Mr. Andreas Bonifacio to try his signature dishes, he is the owner and the chef of La Grappa.

It was Thursday evening; the restaurant was half full of people who love good Italianood. The weather was great and we preferred to stay outside. The smiling waitress greeted us with a glass of cool Prosecco.  Before Mr. Andreas came I had a look at the menu where you can find most of the popular traditional Italian dishes. I didn’t know what to order so we asked Andreas to suggest what to try. It’s great to have the chef suggestions.

We started with a selection of antipasti which included parma ham, grilled Italian sausage, buratta mozzarella, octopus salad and traditional eggplant “Parmiggiana” served with tomato sauce and fresh basil. Everything was great. The octopus, which I know is difficult to cook, was amazing. The eggplant has an unique taste and I always like the combination of tomato sauce and basil. All the ingredients were fresh and imported from Italy. The antipasti were accompanied with a fine wine “Le Cupole” Trinoro, Rosso Toscana.

The first main course was “spagetti with rock lobster, light cherry tomato and basil”. It was fantastic. The spaghetti was cooked al dente and it was so flavoursome. It was the second time I have had this dish and I enjoyed it the same as the last time; perfect.

The second main course was “veal shank ossobuco with safran risotto”. This dish is hard to find.  It’s a Milan style recipe slowly cooked for 24 hours and it’s served with beautiful safran risotto. The meat melted in your mouth; you didn’t even need a knife to cut it. It was amazingly soft and tasteful. You could taste all the different spices and together with the safran risotto.

The third main course was “fillet snow fish panfried and served on a bed of green asparagus and reduction of lobster sauce”. This is my favorite. The fish was cooked perfectly; soft and tasty. The lobster sauce and asparagus gave a nice tone to the dish.

Even if you are full you always have space for the dessert.  When we were asked if we wanted to try “meringue Italian style with fresh strawberry and chantilly cream” could we say no?   We both looked at each other and said at the same time “yes”!  We make the right decision, the dessert was fantastic. The meringue crunchy as it has to be and if you tried to have one bite with of the strawberry and the cream together; wow!

Mr. Andreas asked us how we enjoyed the food but it was easy to see as we had returned the plates almost empty. We were also both looking happy and pleased; it showed in our eyes that we had liked everything.

La Grappa is an authentic Italian Restaurant, with good food, good ingredients and a list of good wine from Mondo Vino.  We had a great time! Choose la Grappa for your special days, when you want to reward yourself or to please your customers. You cannot go from La Grappa unhappy.

Tel: 032 516 510