Finnish bikers pump the pedals around Hua Hin


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The Finnish Society in Hua Hin, HHSSY organises different weekly activities for its members. Including fitness training, Thai language studies or library services and bicycling has become very popular.

The Tuesday Bikers, as the group is called has encouraged 10-15 regular bikers on the road every Tuesday morning. From Hua Hin city centre the group has taken the route in every possible direction.

Kari Jokinen, the leader of the Tuesday Bikers describes the group’s acticities as follows:
• The lenght of the morning tour varies from 35-75 kilometress We decide with the group, how long will the trip will take and which direction to bike. Really interesting places we have visited have been the Pranburi Forest Park with the mangrove forest, Pak Nam Pran beaches and Wat Huaimongkol and surroundings. Cha-Am is a regular target a couple of times during the winter.
• The number of bikers varies every week but a core group of nine people has remained already for two winters.
• The speed is set so that everybody can enjoy, no race or competition. Drink breaks are necessary every hour. If the exercise takes more than 3 hours we normally have lunch somewhere alongside the road.
”The best part of the breaks is joking. It covers all areas of the human life and I can guarantee that there are lot of laughs”, adds Kari.

Tuesday tours start in front of Railway Station which has an easy access from different parts of town.

The traffic in Thailand raises questions every now and then and as a very experienced biker Kari Jokinen is aware of the challenges.

”A biker here should take every possible safety measure and that´s why we always wear a helmet. We use hand signs when turning, stopping or pointing out something unusual in the traffic or on the road. Cooperation, caution and care are three main principles”.

”The next test for us will be Prachuap Kirichan. It is about 100 kilometers there and same back. We think we´ll do it during a weekend instead of Tuesday morning!, says Kari smiling broadly.

For more information, please see or call Kari Jokinen 0880015255.