First Car Boot Sale in Hua Hin!


The Hua Hin Car Boot Sale is the first in the area and will now be held on the first Sunday of every month.  The very first one taking place on Sunday 6th October 2013 9am-1pm @Zab Wer Soi 112 . Free entry for buyers.

Car Boot Sales are enormously popular in the UK, as well as in parts of North America and Europe, although sometimes under different names. The basic premise of the event is that private individuals come to sell unwanted household or other items,  The name comes from the first such events in the 1970′s and 1980′s when people literally filled their car boots (or trunks for our American readers) with  items for sale and sold them from the back of their parked car. Things have changed a little since then, but essentially the idea is the same.  You pay for a spot in the designated area, park your vehicle there and set out your items.  Most people will use some form of table with their items displayed on it.

The location for the Hua Hin Car Boot Sale is at the Zab Wer Restaurant on Soi 112, Hua Hin. This is roughly opposite the Dusita housing development, on the left as you drive West on Soi 112 a little way before the first of the floating markets. To find Soi 112 coming from Hua Hin, head south on the main Phetkasem Road and keep going until you get on to the flyover/overpass south of the town.  As this returns to ground level you will need to make a U-turn as soon as you can (most vehicles do so at the immediate end of where the flyover ends opposite what is called ‘Centennial Park). Soi 112 will then be a turn on your left shortly after Centennial Park. Zab Wer is approximately 5 km up Soi 112. If you are coming from Pranburi or anywhere south of Soi 112 then you would go towards Hua Hin and take the first left after Centennial Park.

An alternative route for anyone to the north and west of Hua Hin is to take the Pala-U Road West until you see the sign for Hua Hin Fishing Lodge to the right and several signs to the left for Siam Old Teak and Smart Homes and take the LEFT turn. Follow this road for several kilometres until you reach a major intersection and then turn left onto Soi 112.  This is also the way to Banyan Golf Course so look for the signs.

You will pass both floating markets on your right and shortly after is the Zab Wer Restaurant also on the right. This route is a good alternative if there is heavy traffic in the town centre.

To book your space for the event email or call 089 – 128 – 9556.

Spaces for the event cost 300 baht in advance or 500 baht on the day.