Fist stadium puma bike in HH 2

The first mountain bike track in Hua Hin, known as ‘Bhudharawas’ is now open for all mountain bikers

The Chairperson of a Hua Hin biking club, Mr. Thakul Laukosakul, reported that this track, exclusively for mountain bikes, starts from the top of ‘Radar Hill’ or the widely known Hin Lek Fire Hill. At a height of around 1,000 metres above sea level, bikers will follow winding paths until reaching the Bhudharawas Buddhist Monastery located at the foot of the hill. This area is favoured by experienced mountain bikers because it provides them with a real biking challenge and difficulty at a world class level. it is now an ideal place to practice and enhance biking skill.

Going up to the hilltop requires a pick-up truck carrying bicycles. From the peak of the hill, bikers set off down the hill, passing big trees, meandering steams and winding paths similar to many biking tracks fields in Europe.

The track is already in use , particularly by visiting mountain bikers, travelling from Belgium and Australia.

Mr. Thakul added that he had proposed this project to the Hua Hin Sport Development Association and the city’s mayor. Those who would like to organise biking competition at any level are welcome to use the Bhudharawas Track.

“With the support from of public and private offices, we believe that Bhudharawas will become an important venue for both Thai and international mountain bikers in the very near future,” concluded Mr. Thakul.