Fixed broadband speeds in Thailand among the fastest in the world

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Broadband speeds in Thailand are some of the fastest in the world, according to a new global index based on the median download speeds of internet users around the world.

The Speedtest Global Index by internet analytics firm Ookla found that Thailand has the third fastest median download speeds for fixed broadband, behind Singapore and Chile.

The index studied data gathered from Ookla’s Speedtest tool in October, November and December last year.

During those three months, internet users in Thailand recorded median download speeds of 176Mbps, 171Mbps and 173Mbps.

The global average speed of fixed broadband is 59.86Mbps.

Ookla explained that during previous studies, rankings had been based on the average or mean download speeds.

However, in December, the firm used the new metric of median downloads – the middle speed of all the data collected – which they said would enable results to more accurately represent the experience of users.

Thailand’s ranking in the index means that median download speeds in the country are faster than those in the United States, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Regionally, Thailand has the second fastest broadband speeds in ASEAN behind Singapore.

Globally, Thailand consistently ranks highly in across studies on internet speeds for both fixed broadband and mobile.

Meanwhile, Ookla has also analysed mobile data speeds of internet users in Thailand.

During Q3-Q4 2021, Ookla compared 560,716 user-initiated 5G tests taken on the Speedtest iOS and Android mobile apps from all the major mobile carriers in Thailand.

The data found that Thailand has a median mobile download speed of 226Mbps.

AIS were found to offer the fastest mobile download speeds with 294Mbps, followed by TrueMove H (207Mbps) and dtac (34.87Mbps).