Free Covid emergency hospital treatment


Ministry of Public Health recently announced free medical treatment for patients, in both public and private hospitals, for initial emergency and life-threatening conditions that may have been caused by the Covid-19 virus.

The ministry said it recognises that Covid-19 patients may require immediate medical attention so patients presenting with symptoms of the virus are entitled immediately to free emergency medical treatment.

After being brought by the hospital to a stable condition, patients can then be transferred to another hospital or medical facility where patients will only then bear their own expenses. But if patients want to voluntarily take a Covid-19 test, they will have to pay their own test expense.

The ministry says that if hospitals or medical facilities refuse to provide this legal treatment in such emergency Covid-19 situations, they will be liable to a fine not exceeding 40,000 baht and/or imprisonment not more than two years.

For more details or complaints, contact the department’s hotline at 1426 during official hours.