Free Mobile Tablets for Hua Hin Students


The Department of Administration Promotion of the Interior Ministry of Thailand has distributed free mobile tablets to Municipal Schools in Hua Hin. The tablets will then be given to students under the Learning Promotion Campaign of Thai Government prior to Thailand joining the ASEAN Community.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin Mrs. Bussaba Choksuchart, the Hua Hin Municipality has already received the mobile tablets and they will given to Grade 1 students, the target group for these devices.

The Mayor of Hua Hin and Executives of the Education Division of the Hua Hin Municipality have decided that 149 tablets will be given to students of Ban Hua Hin School, 53 to students of Wat Nong Kae School, 47 to students of Bo Fai School, 33 to students of Ban Khao Tao School, 37 to students of Ban Takiab School, 44 to students of Khao Pitak School and 66 to students of Ban Samoh Phrong School. All of the recipients will be Grade 1 students in Hua Hin’s Municipal Schools.

The Education Division also asked Grade 1 teachers to attend training about how to use mobile tablets from specialist trainers of the local Office of Education Services Area 2 in Prachuap Khirikhan. The teachers will then be able to pass on their knowledge to the students.

Mrs. Bussaba added that the mobile tablets were useful for Thai students because they provide a wide range of knowledge, news and information to users. The more early users know about how to use tablets to obtain knowledge and to study, the more developed they will become. The devices also help students to get updates on the News.  This will be necessary prior to Thailand becoming a Member of the ASEAN Community in 2015.

Mrs. Bussaba also asked parents to take care of the tablets after their children take them home to prevent loss, breakage or misuse. Parents should help teachers to monitor the use of tablets by students and to warn them not to use the devices improperly.  This includes not downloading on-line games or obscene images.