From farm to feast: Pa La U durian festival showcases Hua Hin’s finest fruit


Hua Hin’s renowned durian cultivation hub, Pa La U, is currently hosting the highly anticipated Pa La U durian and fruit festival.

This vibrant Ban Pa La-U Fruit and Good Products Expo, which is now in its 10th year, aims to celebrate the delectable fruit and showcases a wide range of local agricultural products,

The festival, which takes place until June 25 is expected to attract durian enthusiasts from far and wide.

The festival’s grand opening took place on June 19, 2023, at 10:30 a.m. and was presided over by Dr. Chalermchai Sri-on, the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Dr. Sri-on, a strong advocate for the agricultural sector, officiated the ceremony and expressed his support for the festival’s promotion of local produce.

Accompanying Dr. Sri-on was Mr. Kittipong Sukphakkun, the Deputy Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Mr. Polkrit Phuangvalaisin, Hua Hin District Chief, Mr. Taweesin Pattanaphiras, Chairman of the Subdistrict Administrative Organization Council, and the Subdistrict Administrative Organization President.

The heart of the festival lies in the fruit booths of Ban Pa La-U, which proudly display an impressive array of durian varieties.

Visitors can feast their eyes and mouths on the sought-after Monthong durian, the flavorful Chanee durian, as well as other tropical delights such as mangosteens. These fruits are cultivated by both local Thai farmers and members of the Karen community, who contribute to the festival’s rich diversity.

Speaking at the event, Minister Chalermchai emphasized the importance of recognizing Ban Pa La U’s durian production as a high-quality product with a strong market appeal.

He urged farmers to focus on continuous improvement and development, ensuring the stability and preservation of the fruit’s exceptional quality.

To this end, he advised against prematurely cutting and harvesting the “Pa la U Durian,” as it would diminish its overall value.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the ongoing drought that has affected the entire nation, Minister Chalermchai took proactive measures to address the situation. He called upon the Royal Irrigation Department to inspect the water reservoir near Pa La U, ensuring an adequate water supply for the durian plantations.

The significance of the durian industry extends beyond the festival itself.

In recent years, Thailand has seen a surge in demand for durian, both domestically and internationally. In 2019, the fruit was priced at slightly over 30 baht per kilogram within the country.

However, negotiations with China resulted in a substantial increase in export prices, with durians fetching over 100 baht per kilogram. This boost in profitability has not only provided a sustainable livelihood for eastern Thai durian farmers but has also made a significant contribution to Thailand’s overall economy.

Whether you’re a devoted durian enthusiast or simply curious about the region’s agricultural landscape, this festival promises to be a feast for the senses.